Walks Walls and Wishes, Established 1997

In a general contractor, you want someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and professional – someone who views your project the same way you do. For over 15 years, that go-to person has been Jonathan Seibold, the Mercer contractor who owns and operates New Jersey’s own Walks Walls and Wishes.

Jonathan created Walks Walls and Wishes in 1997 and headquarters his business out of Chesterfield, New Jersey. Since 1997, he and his crew have served residents of central New Jersey as a dedicated contractor in Mercer County, providing on-site supervision and expertise for every project to make sure the job is done correctly – the first time. Jonathan believes that a general contractor’s first responsibility is to make sure the visions of the customer are carried out exactly, which is why he personally oversees his client’s projects and serves as a dedicated representative on site.

Jonathan and his crew are skilled in a wide range of common and uncommon contracting solutions, ranging from renovating or restoring your home or office to general repairs, creating new additions, or simply building entire structures from the ground up. This Mercer contractor can also tackle any other projects as needed with commitment, precision, and skill. Whether you need a simple repair or need a full-scale renovation for your home, office, or other structure, you can rely on Jonathan Seibold and his dedication to expertly carrying out your wishes to the fullest.

For a contractor in Mercer County who has the experience you desire for your next project, contact Jonathan Seibold today.

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Why Choose Walks Walls and Wishes

Walks Walls and Wishes services residents living in central New Jersey, particularly those in Mercer County. Headquartered out of Chesterfield, NJ, Walks Walls and Wishes is located at 78 Crosswicks Road and is approximately 20 minutes southeast of Trenton. Located conveniently next to the New Jersey Turnpike, Walks Walls and Wishes also delivers high-quality, low-cost general contracting services to residents of Burlington, NJ and the surrounding areas.

For a dedicated contractor in Mercer County with the skills, experience, and expertise needed to carry out your construction project to perfection – at a price you can afford – contact Walks Walls and Wishes today!

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